May 28, 2023
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Man Beaten For Kissing Wife While Bathing In Ayodhya River

In the Uttar Pradesh city of Ayodhya, a man was ridiculed and physically assaulted for kissing his wife while bathing in the Sarayu River. Social media is rife with videos of the incident.

The man gets pummelling by many individuals nearby and pulled away from his wife in the footage. “Such obscenity will not be permitted in Ayodhya,” a man is heard shouting. The woman makes an effort to shield her husband but is unsuccessful. The mob eventually throws the couple out of the water.

According to Ayodhya police, officers have been tasked with looking into the situation and taking any required legal action. Ayodhya police tweeted that the “in-charge inspector police station Kotwali Ayodhya has been asked to investigate and take appropriate legal action.” One of the seven rivers that flow into the Ganga, Sarayu is revered by Hindus. The city of Ayodhya, where Lord Ram was born, is located along the Sarayu River.

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