June 22, 2024
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Natural tips to fight dryness of eyes 

Dryness of eyes is a serious problem. It is a common problem. It is not easy to find the exact reason for this condition. There are many factors which can contribute towards the development of this condition. This eye condition is common among people who are addicted to mobile phones.

As per a study report, the condition of dryness of eyes is common among people who suffer from certain heath issues related to sleeping disorder.

Eyes play a huge role when it comes to beauty. Certainly, not many will disagree with the statement.

Actually, it is not difficult to fight this issue. There are many natural methods through which this heath problem can be brought under control.

Though the modern medical sector is capable to provide a permanent solution to this condition, it is always better to go through the natural path.

Generally speaking, if the natural path can offer an effective solution to this issue, why one should resort to the complicated modern medicine path?

In this edition, certain highly effective natural methods which can offer a long-lasting solution to this health condition is discussed.

Let’s go through them one by one.

Omega-3 Rich Diet

Diet is a very important element to keep your body heathy. If you follow a perfect diet (that means, a well-balanced diet), you can keep most of the diseases at bay. The said concept has the backing of several study reports presented in several national and International platforms.

As per a report, omega 3 plays a huge role in eye heath. The report simply indicates if this element is added to your diet (that means, if the food items rich in this element is added to your diet), you can effectively fight the issue of dryness of eyes. According to the report, the aforesaid element can improve the function of the gland that produces tears. A good number of people who are suffering from this condition have some kinds of issues in their tear glands. The said statement itself is enough to state how much important it is to increase the intake of omega 3.

Salmon, tuna, chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, palm oil and soybean oil are the common sources of this element.


Like your body, your eyes also need rest. Most of us are unaware how much strain we give to our eyes each day. In this techno world, smartphones and laptops are almost unavoidable. Truly speaking, our attachment towards our gadgets plays a huge role when it comes to our eye heath. As per a study, the more one stair at his gadget the less he blinks his eyes. To maintain a heathy eye, you should maintain a heathy blink rate. Actually, this blinking issue, if not addressed in a timely manner, will naturally lead you to the irritating condition of dryness of eyes.

Vitamins A, B12, and D


Like what has been discussed earlier in this article, to maintain a pair of healthy, as well as beautiful, eyes, you should enrich your diet with suitable minerals and vitamins. Generally speaking, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D are good for eye health. Among the three, Vitamin D is the one which can fight the problem of dryness of eyes.

Salmon, tuna, egg, milk and mushroom are the common sources of the aforesaid vitamin.

Less Smoking and Drinking Alcohol; More Water Intake

It is needless to explain why smoking and drinking alcohol is unhealthy. This punishing heath condition is also a by-product of these evil habits. Those who are suffering from the problem of dryness of eyes, must avoid these two evils, if they want to get rid of this condition forever.

A heathy person should drink at least fifteen glasses of water a day. The lack of proper amount of water in your body can disturb the proper function of most of your organs including your eyes. You must pay proper attention regarding the intake of water.

Stay Healthy!!!

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