October 6, 2022
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Mob attacks three on cow slaughter suspicion in Jharkhand

A violent mob has lynched a man and seriously injured other two in the Indian state of Jharkhand over the suspicion of cow slaughter.

The police in the area have arrested as many as five people in connection with the brutal incident.

The three have been attacked, when they have been found near a water source in the village allegedly with the carcass of a cow.

The three have been taken to the nearby hospital immediately after the incident. One of the three has died on the way to the hospital. He has been marked dead on arrival. The other two is under treatment now. The heath condition of the other two is stable.

Meanwhile, the villagers have gheraoed the police station in which the five arrested have been placed. The protest has been dispersed later, as the villagers have been convinced by the senior police officials that the arrested will be released if they are found not guilty in the incident.

As per a report, the police have visited the crime spot and collected enough evidence in the case. According to the report, the police have got enough evidence to arrest those who have been taken under their custody earlier in connection with the case.

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