April 22, 2024
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Trump under pressure; Democrats call for impeachment

United States President Donald Trump has admitted the usage of Joe Biden’s name in his conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart, as against his earlier statement that he had not raised the name of his potential opponent in the upcoming Presidential Election in the world’s most powerful and the most richest country.

It was an intelligence official who triggered the issue. It was a complaint he filed to his senior that brought the issue to the doorstep of Democrats.

In the compliant, the official mentioned indirectly about the misuse of the position by the US president.

It was the media that brought clarity to the entire story. Later, the Democrats enhanced the clarity of the story.

The Democrats alleged that the US President tried to force his Ukrainian counterpart to commence legal proceedings against the potential Presidential candidate of Democrats for the upcoming Presidential Election in the country, Joe Biden.

Then, the US President denounced that allegation, saying that he was not fool to discuss that matter through phone.

His admission has come when the media has taken up the more seriously than what he has expected.

On the wake of the development, the Democrats have called for the commencement of impeachment motion against the President of the United States.

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