September 26, 2021

 Miss South India- Official announcement

mg_3476-1024x683Miss South India is a beauty contest organised by the Pegasus, an event management company based in Kerala. It is a fifteen-year-old event organised with proper trade mark and affiliation, focusing on the Indian tradition and culture.

Unfortunately, we identified that some persons are misusing our brand name. So, we are forced to give a public announcement regarding the matter. Ms Iti Acharya who claims to be the winner of a Bangalore-based fashion contest -Mr and Miss South India- was neither a contestant nor a winner of our event. We came to know that she has recently uploaded pictures and videos in certain online platform claiming she was the winner of the Miss South India 2016. As we all know, these kinds of anti-social activates are targeted to spoil the hard-earned reputation of an internationally acclaimed brand- ‘Miss South India’. Our organisation cannot tolerate these kinds of anti-social and irresponsible behaviour from any person because we have a concrete reputation in this industry. We cannot spoil that and we will not let anyone ruin that too.

msiMoreover, we want to make it clear that the ‘Mr and Miss South India’ and the prestigious ‘Miss South India’ are two entirely different events organised by two entirely different organisers.

14593335_1188088874604776_1123101250_nMeera Mitun (model and film actress) was the winner of Miss South India 2016. The event was held on 9th January at Confident Amoon resort.




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