April 18, 2024
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Kejriwal’s struggle for existence leaves his supporters perplexed

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A couple of years before, a civil-society-turned-political-party emerged in the turbulent political hemisphere of Delhi, the national capital of India. It left almost all mainstream political organisations stunned, when it wristed the power in Delhi.

Now, the AAP is no longer the same fearless party that dared to take on all its opponents singlehandedly. Over the years, it has been reduced to yet another political party, sacrificing all those points which once helped it stand out in the political hemisphere of the country.

Recently, the AAP attempted to reach an alliance with the Congress party. Humiliatingly, the AAP’s request was rejected by the Grand Old Party.

In the national capital, the AAP, the party that rules the state, has been reduced to such a point that it could not even hope of winning at least one seat without the help of either Congress or its prime rival, BJP.

It is its present leadership, which shows no hesitation to propagate lies, and which ignores the need for the creation of a democratic decision making framework inside the party, that has led the party to this pathetic stage.    

The latest allegation of the AAP leader is that the reason why the Congress has not joined hands with the AAP is because the Grand Old Party has an illicit relation with the Saffron Party.

If the AAP shows courage to admit that it is its reduced strength that discourages the Congress to even think of the possibility of an alliance with the Delhi’s prime party, it will at least gain some respect.

The AAP should understand that the lies will not work anymore. It is not too late. The party has potential. If it really wants to regain its lost prominence, it should embrace democracy and bring back all those leaders who have left the party due to the autocratic way in which its leader Aravind Kejriwal works.

The longer it takes to implement these, the lesser it becomes the chances of revival. So, hurry up!!!   


Vignesh. S. G

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