July 15, 2024
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Miss Asia 2018






An International beauty contest organised to felicitate the most beautiful, confident and intelligent model from Asia and Eurasia, the Manappuram Miss Asia 2018, is scheduled to take place on 10 November. Nearly twenty-five alluring models are expected to participate in the beauty contest going to be organised at Gokulam Convention Centre, in Kochi, in the aforesaid day at 6 PM. The Miss Asia title will be awarded to appreciate the most beautiful, confident and intelligent model from Asia, while the Miss Asia Global title will be handed to the winner from Eurasia. Manappuram Finance Limited and D Q Watches are the prime partners and Medimix, Joy Alukkas, T-shine are the powered by partners of the event  organised by Pegasus, the event business giant which has more than eighteen years experience in the sector.

Simran Malhotra is the one who is going to represent India in the beauty contest. Apart from India, Bashkortostan, Bhutan, China, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Iran, Myanmar, Philippines, Russia, South Korea and Sri Lanka are the other countries which will be represented in the event.

The grooming session of the beauty contest, in which the competitors are to participate in three rounds national costume, black theme and white gown rounds, has begun on 3 November in Saj Earth Resorts, Kochi. The session is led by Alina Catherine Amon (Miss Glam World runner-up), Sameer Khan (Fashion Choreographer), Reji Bhasker (Fashion Photographer), Dr Asha Biju (Skill Expert), Sudhakshina Thampi (Yoga Trainer), Dr Thomas Nechipadam (Dentist), and Vipin Saviour (Fitness Trainer). Several renowned personalities from fashion, cinema, media and modelling will appear in the judging panel of the show.

The cash prizes for the Miss Asia and Miss Asia Global are given by Dr Elizabeth Chaco (Kalpana International). The winners will be crowned with the golden crowns designed by Parakkat Jewellers.

Apart from the title winners, the Miss Beautiful Smile, Miss Beautiful Hair, Miss Beautiful Skin, Miss Beautiful Face, Miss Beautiful Eyes, Miss Talent, Miss Personality, Miss Catwalk, Miss Photogenic, Miss Viewers Choice, Miss Perfect Ten, Miss Congeniality, Best National Costume, Miss Social Media, Miss Humanness, Miss Gourmet Queen, and the Miss Fitness Asia will be awarded.

Pegasus excludes the bikini rounds which promote the objectification of women’s body in its beauty contests. Pegasus Chairman Dr Ajit Ravi says that the program aims to promote the tourist industry of this part of the world and to help to the world understand the exceptional cultural varieties Indian possess.

UT TV, Kalpana International, UT World, Unique Times, Kanyaka, Sanjeevanam, Parakkat Resorts, Gokulam Park, SAJ Earth Resorts, Vee Kay Vee Caterers and Aiswarya Advertising are the event partners of the Miss Asia 2018.

Tashi Choder (Bhutan), Nadrishina (Bashkortastan), Lucie Rezacova (Czech Republic), Xiao Man Li (China), Janika Monzu (Estonia), Racz Helga Eszter (Hungary), Simran Malhotra (India), Marsya Gusman (Indonesia), Mina A R (Iran), Yurina Kinoshita (Japan), Assem Yessengeldiyeva (Kazakhstan), Azzaya Tsugt-Ochir (Mongolia), Sarah Fish (Myanmar), Kareena K C (Nepal), Cindy Rkman (Netherlands), Apple Joy De Guzman Bacay (Philippines), Blidariu Andreea Larisa (Romania), Sofiya Zambalova (Russia), Katarina Trancikova (Slovakia), Park Seri (South Korea), S D Chalani Rathinayaka (Sri Lanka), Aigul Zaripova (Tatarstan), Teeyapar Sretsirisuvarna (Thailand), Tenzin Khechoe (Tibet) and Tram Thi Kim Nguyen (Vietnam) are the contestants of the Miss Asia 2018.         





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