September 23, 2021

Grooming Tips For Men

Indian MagazineMen are now spending more money to have an edge .
In an ultracompetitive world, it is extreme importance for men to groom
themselves well. It is quite likely that you will be judged according to your
Grey Hair?
Grey hairs play spoilsport with your appearance. Get rid of grey hairs by using a
quality hair colour that matches with your hair texture. Use a high quality hair
colour for colouring beard and moustache.
Balding is also very common among men. You can opt for a modern short
haircut that will easily fit you among with the modern men. Be double sure to
trim or wax unwanted hair for a clean, contemporary look
Protect your skin
A good skin care routine will help you prevent wrinkles and other skin diseases.
Make sure you use daily moisturizer with sunscreen.
Hands and Feet
Hands and feet also require great attention. A neatly manicured nails and toes
are symbols of good hygiene and grooming. Foot odour is another common
problem, make sure to use fresh sock and also insert a pair of Odour-Control
sole to your shoes, which is able to absorb moisture and odour.


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