April 3, 2020
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Amit Shah’s statement about Sabarimala issue invites huge criticism


Last day, BJP President Amit Shah visited the Southern State of Kerala, which was pushed into a huge crisis by the sensational Supreme Court verdict that upheld the right of women of all ages to worship in the place of worship of their choice.

The strength and confidence given to the rightist, who were campaigning against the verdict, by the visit of their heroic figure was not small. Those attended the public meeting, in which the BJP Supremo talked his and his party’s mind about the Sabarimala issue, were visibly overwhelmed with joy and happiness.

The developments, which have happened after the BJP president’s public meeting, indicate that the leftists are not happy with the Shah’s statements and are keen to defend their stand in the issue at any cost –unlike the rightist, the leftists are of the opinion that it is the duty of the state government to implement the Supreme Court order and if any traditions or practises stand against the constitution or the rights assured in the constitution, they are to be removed or amended in the way those comply with the law of the land.

Many leaders, mostly those belong to the centre-left spectrum, have criticised the BJP President’s statement that the SC should not order to enforce those which are not enforceable and tried to project it as an unconstitutional statement and as a statement which is to be considered as a contempt of court.

At this juncture, the BSP, CPM, and Congress have jointed their hand to criticise the BJP. But, it is unclear whether any political parties, other than leftist parties, will support the leftists’ position on the Sabarimala issue.



Vignesh. S. G

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