August 3, 2021


Challenges and growth.

Travel sometimes was a challenge. Her husband supported her immensely in all what she does. She has a son and a daughter. However she does most of the things single-handedly for Milan. She also doubts whether North Indian traders looked at the South Indian buyers condescendingly. However, she admits that there is a tremendous change in the attitude overtime. We see representatives from North canvassing in Kerala all the time nowadays. Hence, the availability of fabrics has increased and we get every kind of material available in the state today. Milan is not selling just clothes, but Milan is selling fashion. Sherly makes sure she purchases fashion materials which will delight her customer and surely will sell-off. She vouches that she will happily travel on road how many ever kilometers from an airport if she can pick up the right stuff for her clients.

She advices the upcoming generation to do hardwork to succeed and be very focused on all what they do. Commitment will definitely pay you back well.


The Inhouse Development.

Majority of employees are picked up fresh, and Sherly thinks that experienced hands might come with baggages. She thinks that employees are extremely important in the growth of her business. Hence adequate training is given to all staff in the areas of learning new fashion, and sense of mixing n matching materials, and impeccable customer support. All staffs undergo learning on the values that Milan should hold inorder to treat the customer spotlessly. They huddle every week to remind themselves about new and required learning.


Travelling anytime. Fashion above that. She loves changes, designing novelty, seeing her customers happy. She really loves cooking, however, has given it a short break as she is busy with her work now.

Future vision

She is thoughtful now on how to make Milan’s presence felt online, that too voguishly. From several ideas and applications that she has considered, she is still trying to develop something exclusively new for Milan. Again, Milan’s research division is always on the move formulating new fashion what the Kerala crowd would yearn for. The design helpline is ever-ready to weave the customer’s heart on the material for them.


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