August 3, 2021


About her business and progress.

It was her dream to introduce innovative concepts to the people of Cochin. It was a first when Milan introduced designer materials which we could only see in Bollywood before. Each and every material and clothes are handpicked carefully keeping the customer in mind, so that the customer themselves can design an attire as per what they have in mind. Usually, North India makes sarees and dress materials for their own crowd. Sherly used to find it difficult selecting the right garment for a Keralite. That’s when the idea came into her mind to design exclusively for Kerala and bring about an essential fashion sense from our own region.

It was definitely a risk to design separately. However, it was worth a trial and a huge hit. She kept finished striking designer and traditionally hand woven kanchipuram and banaras sarees on the ground floor, and do boldly encourages the customer to try out their own designing ideas on the same cloth which could be purchased separately on the top floors. This made buying a personal business for the customer. Milan customers thus could feel the attire as their own and could bring in an own touch. The customer could easily add on a personal signature to what they wear and it is special. She vows that it is only after the arrival of Milan, this new wave of designing has come to Cochin.

Milan’s research team makes an average of 70 sarees a day. Imported selected fabrics from around the world is introduced to the land of Kerala by Milan. Unlike other players in the market who persuades their own ready-made designs to the clients, Milan boldly encourages their customers to be creative with what they wear. Milan do not endorse repetitive and uninteresting fashion. Sheryl heartens fashion which clubs along with comfort as well as being economically viable. Milan provides fashion, style and quality, at par with Bollywood, even below the rates you get in Mumbai. She sources it straight out from the manufacturers even in remote villages.

Each season Milan brings about new style. For Onam, Milan introduced amazing florals. The traditionally woven kanchipuram and banaras range is an exotic display.Their self-design Ornamental Bridals and JewellerySaree was a huge hit in the immediate past. She is extremely happy that she had this brilliant idea popping up in her head, and customers even bring their own ornaments asking Milan to replicate it on the clothing. Sherly is now in preparation of something pioneering panache again for the coming season for December. She conceived the very successful idea of Milan Fabric Festival which displays, exhibits cum sells.



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