December 10, 2023
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Meiningsinliu Pamei: 10 year old girl attending class with her baby sister in her lap …

Meiningsinliu Pamei is a 10-year-old girl from Manipur. She goes to school every day without fail. But when she goes to school, she not only has a bag on her shoulder, but also her baby sister. The fourth grader goes to school every day because of her childhood. She lays her little sister on her lap and watches the class and takes notes. A picture and video of her sitting on her lap and writing notes in the classroom went viral on social media recently. Many celebrities came to know about it. Among them was Manipur Power and Environment Minister Biswajit Singh.

He tweeted: “I’m amazed at her dedication to education! This 10-year-old girl from Tamenglong, Manipur, looks after her sister and goes to school. Her parents have to go to work on the farm. So she puts her little sister on her lap and attends classes. ” The minister then contacted MiningSinliu’s family and requested that she be brought to Imphal. He spoke to her family and assured her that he would personally take over her education until she graduated. “I’m proud of her dedication!” The minister said in another tweet.

According to reports, Maining Xinliu’s family hails from the Tamenglong district of northern Manipur. The girl’s parents are farming. During the day they both go to work. He attended Dailong Primary School near Maining Sinley. The youngest daughter is only two years old. So she goes to school with her two-year-old sister. Her viral image impressed people. People appreciate her dedication to education and the willingness to look after her sister.

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