June 21, 2024
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Mango Maggi is the latest bizarre food experiment

People may lose interest in eating the same food on a regular basis. As a result, people frequently come up with unique ways to spice things up. However, in order to give people’s favourite Maggi a fruity twist, a street vendor came up with the idea of adding mangoes!

Yes, while adding vegetables and other add-ons like egg, chicken, or cheese are popular instant noodles combinations, there have been many experiments with something sweet in the past. Desi people on the internet have seen it all, from unusual cotton candy Maggi to obnoxious Maggi laddu and kheer. It is the first time, however, that fruit has been added to it.

A woman is seen making Maggi on a big tawa (skillet) in a video shared on Instagram by The Great Indian Foodie, frying the masala in ghee and adding some water before adding the instant noodles. She is seen adding Mango juice to the pan, taking inspiration from the previously viral Fanta Maggi. But what happens next has everyone on the internet terrified.

She is suddenly seen peeling a ripe mango as she serves the cooked noodles on a steel plate. She tops the Maggi with mangoes and serves it with juice on the side after cutting the summer fruit into small cubes.

“Summer agyi hai, ab mango bhi favourite hai, maggi bhii,” she says. Dono sath me hojaye kyu na? (Now that summer has arrived, mango and Maggi are both favourites.) So why not combine them?)” wrote the popular food vloggers online.

Many people on social media were disappointed by the video and wondered if it was just a one-time dish for the vlog. Others wanted to know where the dish was created so they could “provide counselling” to the creators.

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