May 20, 2024
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Punjab police arrest Tajinder Bagga in court

Punjab BJP leader Tajinder Bagga has been arrested by the Punjab Police for allegedly threatening Arvind Kejriwal on Twitter. Punjab police said they had issued several notices to Bagga and informed him that he would be arrested if he repeatedly violated the order. Punjab police said they had filmed Bagga’s arrests and expressed dissatisfaction with the Delhi Police’s move to release the accused from custody.

Meanwhile, the Punjab and Haryana High Court will reconsider the arrest of Tajinder Bagga today. Haryana Police and Delhi Police will file affidavits in court today. Tajinder Bagga was taken home by the Delhi Police after being granted bail overnight by a Gurugram magistrate court. He will appear in court on Monday. The lawyer alleged that Tajinder Bagga was injured during the arrest. After returning home, Tajinder Bagga said that Kejriwal could not be intimidated by the case.

Dramatic events unfolded after the Punjab police arrested the BJP leader. Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, who was arrested by the Punjab Police, has been released from the custody of the Delhi Police. Haryana police arrested the accused and handed him over to Tajindar Pal Singh Bagga, who was being flown to Punjab.

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