August 5, 2021
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Karnataka govt files fresh plea on Cauvery water issue

cauvery1Seeking an appropriate modification in the order announced on September 20 by the Supreme Court of India, the Karnataka government has filed a fresh petition in the concerned court. Recently, a resolution supporting the Karnataka’s move had been unanimously passed in both houses of the state. The latest report released by a national media claims that the Karnataka government may inform the Supreme Court the state cannot release the prescribed amount of river water until next December.

Earlier, on last week, the Supreme Court of India held that Karnataka should release at least six thousand cusecs of water to Tamil Nadu. Following the sensational order, the Karnataka states witnessed violent protests and demonstrations. Several buses and public properties had been demolished by the protesters demanding the withdrawal of the order. Subsequently, nearly four hundred people had been arrested and a curfew has been declared in Bangalore.

It is learned that the Karnataka government has recently warned the protesters of tougher punishment for anyone indulged in the fresh disturbance. Actually, the Cauvery water issue is an old dispute. Several times, these two south Indian states had indulged in word war over the issue. Anyway, it is the first time the situation went overboard. However, the central government or any other concerned authority must monitor the developments closely to avoid any further provocations. This problem can only be sorted out through a detailed deliberation involving all the top leaders of the two sensitive states.


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