March 1, 2024
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SC demands strong law against custodial torture, seeks centre’s response

Seeking strong law against the custodial torture and brutal violence exercised by the officials, the Supreme Court of India asked the centre government to file their response on the issue. Questioning the delay in making a strong law against the custodial torture, the top court asked the government and National Human Rights Commission why the concerned authority had delayed the articulation of a strong law punishing the custodial torture exercised by the officials. An interview published in a leading national daily exposed the extent of cruelty exercised by the sadistic officials by narrating the experience of an academician, Professor G N Saibaba. In the interview, the professor recounted the brutalities experienced by him during his incarnation at the infamous Nagpur jail. Now, he is a wheelchair-bound person. He suffers from nearly ninety per cent disability. In the shocking revelation, he alleged that the jail authorities neither gave him medicine nor provided him with proper treatment while he was suffering from extreme pain. The petition seeking a comprehensive law against the custodial torture was filed by Former Law Minister Ashwani Kumar. In the petition, he pointed out that the NHRC is not gathering any details regarding the custodial torture. They are only collecting the details of custodial death omitting the exact details of torture, alleged the petitioner. India already inked the UN Convention against Torture in 1997 itself. But, still, we do not have a concrete law against the custodial torture.


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