June 19, 2024

Karnataka drama: JD(S) hints of its disinterest to derail BJP

The Indian state of Karnataka has prepared its political stage for the commencement of another eventful political drama, as the JD(S) has hinted of its disinterest to derail the present regime, which is led by the BJP.

The future of the present regime depends on the outcome of the upcoming by-elections in the fifteen seats, which became vacant after those represented the seats had switched sides.

The said by-elections are scheduled to take place in the early December (exactly, on 5th December 2019).

For the BJP, it is the battle for sustainability. To save its government, it needs to win at least six of the fifteen seats. In that sense, what is impending is a mini-assembly election.

The latest twist is expected to have a huge impact on the entire story. It is clearly a bluff. For the JD(S), it is a win-win game.

The twist means that the JD(S) will not be an insignificant front in the upcoming election. The party, it seems, wants to make it clear that it will not burden the people of the state with another expensive assembly election. Moreover, clearly, what it attempts is to generate an impression that if it manages to gain a significant number of seats in the up-coming election, it will be in a position to influence the policies of the government.

As per a political expert’s view, the bluff may give the party’s support base, especially its support community, confidence to assemble behind its candidates.

Anyway, the party at the losing end is the Congress. It is yet to know how the party will overcome this political hurdle.

It is important to note here that the majority of those seats which are going to polls on the coming December are the sitting seats of the Grand Old Party. For that matter, it is a prestige issue for the centrist party.

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