June 29, 2022
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Josephine resigns as chairperson of Women’s Commission; CPM demanded resignation

Women’s Commission Chairperson M.C. Josephine resigned. The decision was taken at a meeting of the CPM secretariat. The decision to resign was taken following a controversy over the incident in which the complainant spoke badly during a phone-in event. Josephine resigned with eight months left in the presidency.

Josephine, a member of the CPM Central Committee, explained the reference at the meeting. Leaders, including EP Jayarajan, criticized Josephine’s stance. Leaders said the controversy had turned into an embarrassment for the party. There were no words to be used by a leader like Josephine or the person chairing the commission. Criticism arose that Josephine did not understand the responsibility of the position.

The reference was made during a program conducted by Manorama News, which provided an opportunity for women to seek the help of the Women’s Commission on various grievances. As video footage spread on social media, even pro-government activists came out against Josephine’s remarks.

The footage of the conversation with Libina, a native of Ernakulam, who called with a complaint of harassment by her husband, was spread. In this, when asked if Libina did not report her husband’s harassment to the police, Libina replied that she did not. The response from the chairperson was, “then you suffer.” They later apologized for the incident.

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