September 26, 2022
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JYP Confirm Stray Kids Member Hyunjin to Resume his Activities from July

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin will be returning to group activities after a four-month hiatus announced JYP entertainment officially.

Stray Kids surprised fans on June 26 at midnight KST by releasing their new mixtape single “OH,” which featured all eight members of the group including Hyunjin, who had been on a hiatus from group activities since February.

“During his break from activities, Hyunjin has reflected on himself while donating and participating in volunteer work” stated JYP Entertainment

“Starting from July, Hyunjin will be rejoining Stray Kids’ scheduled activities, and he plans to show an even more upstanding attitude and mature mindset during his promotions.” announced the agency.

Hyunjin temporarily halted all activities in February of this year after he was accused of bullying by his former classmate. According to JYP Entertainment, after Hyunjin met with and apologized to his accuser in person, the two former classmates resolved their misunderstandings and are now “cheering on one another’s futures.”

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