June 4, 2023
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Jishnu case row: Hindu cleric’s arrest invites wide flak

Swami badranandan himavalThe arrest of the Hindu religious leader, Swami Himaval Bhadrananda, has been inviting strong criticism from all quarters of the society. He was detained as part of several unprecedented developments in related to a peaceful protest happened in front of the police headquarters, Trivandrum.

The unintentional protest was organised by the family members of the Jishnu who was allegedly forced to commit suicide by his college authorities. It is alleged that the Hindu cleric is being wrongly portrayed as an external element who tried to create issues when the Jishnu’s family came to meet the senior police officer. The court denied his bail plea and sent his to the judicial custody for nearly fourteen days.

He claimed that he had permission to meet the senior police officer, though his statement has not been acknowledged by the concerned authorities yet. It is said that the act of arresting a person who has no relation with the Jishnu’s family and had no involvement in the scuffle happened in front of the police headquarters is condemnable and evokes suspicion.

The new allegation comes forth while the police force is facing serious flak over their inappropriate action against the Jishnu’s family members, including his mother, father and uncle, and against those people who came in support of the Jishnu’s family.


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