April 6, 2020
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Eve teasing is not romance; film fraternity asked to find new ways to portray romance

Why should movie find new ways to portray romance and love? In almost all movies, whether it is regional or Bollywood, the prime subject is the love and romance. There is a certain stereotype pattern in which the love and romance are portrayed by the films. No significant changes have been attained in this pattern even though the technical part of the film has undergone remarkable growth phase over the years. The unfortunate fact is that in some of the films eve teasing is portrayed in such a way that it is an approved way to make a woman fall in love with the stalker (most probably the hero) who perform it. Questioning the unacceptable way in which an important subject is being handled and a crime is being glorified by the Indian film industry, Union Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi has alleged this kind of irresponsible behaviour from the film industry leads to the raising crime against women in the country. The minister has urged the Indian film fraternity to portray women in a decent way. Over the years, many changes have happened in the Indian film industry which is one of the best film industries in the world. If a change is needed it should happen from inside. It is better to avoid an external interference if we really need a change. The films are meant to reflect all those things that prevail in the society. Anyway, it is not good to glorify any crime. Meanwhile, some believe that it is an attempt to intrude into the freedom of the filmmakers. Already, there is an allegation that the CBFC is unnecessary interfering in the freedom of the filmmakers by asking them to delete all those scenes which do not go well with their political beliefs.


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