July 12, 2024
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Akshay Kumar’s film fails, ‘Prithviraj’ distributors demand refund

‘Samrat Prithviraj’ is the latest to hit the screens with Akshay Kumar in the lead. Akshay Kumar’s film is getting bad response in theaters. The film, which was released on June 3, has so far grossed only Rs 48 crore at the box office. The distributors of ‘Samrat Prithviraj’ have come out with the demand that Akshay Kumar should be ready to make up for the loss of the film which cost around Rs 250 crore.

As per the reports the suppliers in Bihar have demanded that Akshay Kumar be prepared to make up for the loss. It’s time for Akshay Kumar to do something. When the Telugu film Acharya failed, Chiranjeevi made up for the loss of distributors. The continuous failure of Hindi films is having a huge impact. Why should we only suffer losses here. Can’t Akshay Kumar make up for the loss of distributors? Rohan Singh, one of Bihar’s leading suppliers, says many of us are in debt.

Exhibitor Suman Sinha has said that superstars need to understand that time is running out. A new generation of players like Karthik Aryan is ahead now. I doubt if Akshay Kumar would think about giving money to distributors. Suman Sinha says that these superstars are only thinking about their bank balance.

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