May 26, 2024
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J P Nadda likely to become BJP chief

Former Health Minister J P Nadda is likely to become the next president of the Bharatiya Janata Party, which has retained its seat of power in the recent General Election.

The term of the present BJP president, Amit Shah, who has joined the central government, is going to end this year.

Notably, Mr Nadda has been excluded from the present BJP government. The action gives strength to the rumours regarding the possible induction of Mr Nadda as the BJP president.

The president election is the next big thing that is waiting for the present BJP elites at this juncture.

For the smooth functioning of the government, the complete support of the party is very important.

The previous government never lacked that. The BJP leadership stood strongly with its government.

The BJP elites is less likely to let a man, who is outside their influential circle, to become the president of the party as they fear that such a development will hurt the chemistry between the party and its government, and, more importantly, will act against their interests.

The aforesaid fact is what gives Mr Nadda more possibility. Mr Nadda is very close to the BJP elite and has always stood with them in their ups and downs.

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