December 8, 2022
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Indian Doctor Refuses To Leave Ukraine Without His Pet Jaguar And Panther

A doctor from India is stranded in war-torn Ukraine, holed up in a basement with his two pet big cats, a panther, and a leopard. Dr. Girikumar Patil lives in a bunker beneath his home in Severodonetsk, Donbas.

Separatists control the region, and the situation is rapidly deteriorating. Dr. Patil, on the other hand, is unwilling to abandon the animals.
Dr. Patil moved to Ukraine in 2007 to study medicine and eventually settled in Donbas. He later worked as an orthopedic surgeon at a local government hospital.

Mr. Patil has only come out of his basement to buy food for his cats since the war began. The male jaguar is 20 months old, and the female panther is a six-month-old cub, according to the BBC report.

“My big cats have been spending nights with me in the basement. There has been a lot of bombing around here. The cats are terrified. They are consuming fewer calories. I can’t abandon them “The BBC quoted the 40-year-old as saying. Dr. Patil also has three dogs, all Italian mastiffs, and uses his YouTube channel, which has over 84,000 subscribers, to raise funds for them. Dr. Patil is from Tanuku in the Andhra Pradesh district of West Godavari. He hopes that the Indian government will allow him to bring all of his pets home. As part of the central government’s Operation Ganga, Indian student Rishabh Kaushik, a resident of Dehradun, returned to India last week with his rescued pet dig “Maliboo.”

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