April 6, 2020
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Ebola Vaccine is remarkable

UNIQUE TIMES - Ebola Vaccine is remarkable

UNIQUE TIMES – Ebola Vaccine is remarkable

According to the reports from the preliminary results, it is found out that a vaccine has been discovered which fights against the deadly Ebola virus is leading a 100% protection and could even transform the way of tackling with the disease. The Ebola disease started to outbreak in Guinea during December 2013 and till then no proven drugs or vaccines were being discovered to cure the disease. The new vaccine that has been discovered is a combination of a fragment of the Ebola virus with another safer virus which will train the immune system to beat Ebola. A unique clinical trial was being conducted in Guinea where a patient was being discovered with Ebola and their friends, neighbors and family were vaccinated. Experts have reported that this could be possibly a breakthrough the world has ever waited till now. The officials at the WHO believe that the effectiveness of the vaccine will be between 75% to 100%.


Bejoy George

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