May 29, 2024
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Indian, Chinese Troops Complete Disengagement From Key Standoff Point In Ladakh: Sources

Government reports claim that Indian and Chinese troops have completely withdrawn from a crucial Ladakh standoff location. Following conversations between the two sides during the 16th round of corps commander level, the process got underway on September 8.

Both armies had agreed to withdraw from their positions toward their respective sides of the LAC and then confirm each other’s positions. All of the differences between the two sides that arose after the Chinese army’s aggression in May 2020 have finally been settled.

On September 8, the Indian and Chinese military stated that they had begun the disengagement process from the PP-15, marking a significant advancement in the delayed effort to withdraw soldiers from the last remaining flashpoints in the area.

Army Chief Gen. Manoj Pande responded to a question concerning the PP-15 disengagement by saying, “I will have to go and take stock, but it (the disengagement procedure) is moving as per schedule, and what was decided.”

According to the individuals mentioned above, all temporary infrastructure built at the face-off site has been taken down.


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