June 20, 2024
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Agnipath Scheme An Epic New Battle Between AAP And Centre

The Army has informed the state government that recruitment rallies under the “Agnipath” programme may no longer be held in Punjab due to “vacillating” support and “no clear-cut commitments” from the local government.

The issue has the potential to become the most recent flashpoint in the rivalry between the BJP-controlled centre and the state’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government.

Harpal Cheema, a minister for the Punjab, has emphasised that they oppose the plan and will keep up their protests.The Army’s zonal recruitment officer in Jalandhar, Major General Sharad Bikram Singh, has written to Punjab Chief Secretary VK Janjua on the matter. Major Singh said that they are not getting enough assistance from the local government to organise the rallies in a letter dated September 8th. He has stated that they frequently blame their shortcomings on a lack of guidance from the Chandigarh state administration or a lack of resources.

The officer listed the prerequisites for staging such gatherings, including the necessity for police backup, medical support, and provisions for food, water, and restrooms.

The letter also mentioned how “praise worthy” the administrative and financial assistance offered by other states was.

The official continued, “We would be taking up case with Army headquarters to suspend in abeyance all future recruitment rallies and procedures in the State of Punjab, alternately conduct rallies in neighbouring states,” absent “clear cut commitment” from the government’s end. The letter further notes that “a great number” of young people from Punjab have signed up for the “Agnipath” programme, emphasising the fact that Punjab has “traditionally produced outstanding warriors.”

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