January 24, 2022
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Right food fixes for a better health

It always amazes to have a happy physical health. Naturally, the feel well condition will bring in the days of positive for self and aweful for others as well. Listing out some of the right eats that nature cures most of health issues at the surface level.


To deal with the Premenstrual syndrome
– Consuming two tablespoons of flaxseed daily in the morning along with cereal or smoothies can control the inflammation.
– Another anti-inflammatory star is the Salmon fish. The cold water fish can relieve breast tenderness. Best advised consuming two to three times a week.
– Adding eggs as a part of breakfast help ease the symptoms of PMS. Egg serves an ample source of Vitamins B6, D, and E.

To deal with low energy

– Add drops of coconut oil into the coffee. The oil’s fatty acids stimulate the body’s absorption of caffeine. Which in turn control the buzz.
– Cherry juice during dinner regulates the sleep and the natural fruit melatonin provides a better night sleep/rest.
– The energy levels of Iron plays a vital role in handling self-optimism. Consuming 18 milligrams o Quinoa daily helps in revving iron energy levels.

Natural ways of dealing with headaches

– Never leave the body to dehydrate, its one of the great reasons to cause headaches. Mostly H2O rich snacks, consumption of water or fruit juice with watermelon provide sweet relief
– Studies prove that magnesium content reduces migraine frequency and consumption of spinach chow down a great impression.
– Tomato juice is an excellent remedial drink for the headaches. It’s super rich electrolyte count controls the skull pounding.


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