October 20, 2021

How to become a good sprinter?


The athletic event of 100 meters sprint is an interesting event. In every athletic meet, it is the most attractive event. It determines the fastest man of sports meet. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a 100 meters sprinter? For those who love this event, here are few tips.

To become a sprinter, one should keep his/her body fit and take care of his/her diet. Sprinters should exercise regularly. Their daily intake of food should be monitored by dieticians.

A good sprinter should have a clear understating about all techniques used in this event. Only the right combination of skill and technique could bring victory to a sprinter.

Usain Bolt is the fastest man of the earth. He is the fastest runner the world has ever witnessed. Jamaica is the country which has gifted the largest number of sprinters. The USA is not far behind in that case also.

India has a lot to do to improve its athletics. Milka Singh is the only known sprinter our country has ever produced.



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