August 15, 2022
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India needs to do more to ensure the health of its newborns: Report

As per a report published by a popular health research group, due to the lack of proper health care environment, adequately trained workforce and safe or natural delivery policies, as many as six out of ten babies who are born in this land are unable to commence their first breastfeeding session within one hour after their birth.

Several International health care organisations, including the World Health Organisation and UNICEF, directs that all babies must be allowed to enjoy their first breastfeeding session within one hour after their birth as the process helps them to acquire several nutrients from their mothers body.

Anyway, there is a good for us in the report. According to the report, India has been steadily progressing for last few years in several parameters necessary to ensure the health of Indian infants. As per the report, India’s health infrastructure is far better than other developing countries.

The aforementioned statement does not mean that the country has many things to do or has nothing to do. It only means that the task of ensuring a steady progress in the health sector is much more difficult that achieving a progress so the country must put serious effort in this stage of health care growth.

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