October 3, 2022
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India agricultural sector under ‘Fall Armyworm threat’


Fall armyworm is a dangerous, as well as invasive, pest, which usually attacks agricultural crops and vegetables such as maize. Africa is the homeland of this pest, though it is a major pest in North America. So far, it has destroyed tonnes of crops and vegetables in Africa and North America.

It is very sad to inform that the Indian Council for Agricultural Research has found the presence of this dangerous pest in the Indian soil. The South Indian state of Karnataka, which is best known for its agricultural wealth, is the first state in the country which has reported the presence of the dangerous pest.

Coccinellid beetles are the natural opponent or rival of this pest. The presence of these beetles alone may not reduce the impact of fall armyworms. The insecticides such as lambda-cyhalothrin may have to be used.

Considering the pace in which this pest spread during when it affected Africa, it can be assumed that Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are likely to be affected by this pest in the near future.

It is the high time for the concerned authorities to take adequate measures to protect these agricultural products from the severe threat posed by this invasive pest.


Vignesh. S. G

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