August 13, 2022
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Idukki dam shutter open after 26 years

Idukki_damAfter 26 years that’s the 3rd time in the history, the water level in the Cheruthoni dam raised to its complete capacity of 2,403 feet and one shutter in the Cheruthoni dam of Idukki reservoir in Kerala is now open. The third shutter of the Cheruthoni dam is scheduled to keep open for four hours. Authorities have fifty cubic metres of water flow released per second.

Power Minister MM Mani had said the previous week the shutters of the Cheruthoni dam will be open for train run with a limited release of water when the level whacks 2,398 feet.

The dam shutter was last opened in October 1992. However, there are strict restrictions have been imposed on taking selfies photographers or fishing in the ricer. People living close to the banks of Periyar River has been asked to stay on alert.


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