April 20, 2024
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Rain batters Kerala


Uncompromising rainfall has inflicted serious injuries in several regions across the South Indian state of Kerala in the form of floods and landslides. Wayanad, Idukki and Alappuzha are the most affected regions in the state, though most of the states have experienced serious rainfall-related ailments.

The rescue operators are in the field to contain the impact of the unrelenting rainfall. Their presence has reduced the impact of the disastrous rainfall to a great extent. The army has been deployed in some highly affected regions to assist the operations carried out by the rescue operators.

Several temporary shelters, with all adequate resources, have been opened up in and around the affected regions to help the affected.

As per a latest report, as many as a dozen people have lost their life and several others injured due to the uncompromising rainfall.

Numerous helplines have been opened across the state. Such facilities, to an extent, have managed to bring down the impact of the rainfall.    

The commendable thing is that each day tens of thousands of people and organisations voluntarily turn up in the shelters with adequate supplies to help the affected.   

Stay safe! Stay Healthy! Pray for the Affected!            


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