February 25, 2024
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Image matters for Hong Kong

As many as seven PR firms have stepped back from the contract offer made by Hong Kong to improve the image of the city, which has been tainted by months-long protect against its ruler’s attempt to impose an undemocratic bill over the city at the behest of China – the country to which the UK handed over its former Asian colony (which is regarded as the main centre of the Asian trade).

Most companies have noted the present situation in the region not favourable to attempt any method to improve its global image.

The protest has badly damaged the image of the city. Many conglomerates have expressed their dissatisfaction against the protest, and some have even threatened to leave the city for ever.

It seems that the city is worried about the possible loss of its business community, which has made the city what it is now.

The people of the city no longer trust their government. Most of them see the leader of the present administration as a puppet of the main land.

It was a bill, which seeks to ease the legal barriers for the deportation of criminals from the city to the main land, which triggered the crisis in the city.

The day the bill was introduced, the protest commenced. The bill at a crucial juncture was temporally shelved to ease the tension. Later, it was completely removed.

Notably, the withdrawal has not made any significant impact, as after that the main demand of the protesters has shifted from the cancellation of the bill to the creation of a special team to investigate against the police officials who has tried to suppress the protest with force.

Hong Kong is in deep trouble. The business community is also worried, just like the administration of the city. It is important to win back the trust of the people. It is pertinent to convince the people that no action against their wish will be supported by their government. The city can easily win back its lost image, once it is done. What is needed is a courageous leader whose backbone cannot be bended by the mainland – which does not see anything other than politics in this issue.

It is hoped that the city will regain its lost elegance soon.

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