May 20, 2024
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Manju Warrier with Prithviraj; ‘Kaappa’ officially announced

Venu’s big budget movie ‘Kaappa’ starring Prithviraj has been officially announced. Mohanlal and Mammootty unveiled the title motion poster of the film through their Facebook pages.

The film is based on the novel ‘Shankhumukhi’ by GR Indugopan, which tells the story of the invisible underworld in the city of Thiruvananthapuram. The script of the film is by Indugopan himself.

It is also the first film production venture to be co-produced by FEFKA Writers’ Union. The Writers ‘Union is launching the project in partnership with a production company, Theater of Dreams, to raise funds for its members’ welfare work.

Along with Prithviraj, Manju Warrier, Asif Ali and Anna Ben also play the lead roles. About sixty actors will come in different roles. The film is a gangster drama. Thiruvananthapuram itself is the background of cinema. This is the first time that Manju Warrier and Prithviraj have come together in a full – length film.

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