October 6, 2022
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Trust vote likely to happen today in Karnataka

The Indian state of Karnataka, which is at present in a serious political crisis with its ruling standing far behind the majority line in the state assembly, is likely to witness trust vote today.

The resignation of sixteen lawmakers from the ruling coalition and the loss of the support of two independents place the ruling coalition in the mark of 101 lawmakers. Meanwhile, with the backing of the newly gained support of two independents, the opposition stands at the mark of 107.

The ruling’s prime strategy, it seems, is to delay the trust vote. It, it seems, uses/misuses the discussion of the confidence motion/non-confidence motion as a method to delay the trust vote.

In a sense, the ruling has succeeded in its plan. It has successfully surmounted several threats with its strategy. It has even overcome the suggestion of the Governor to the speaker and the direction of the nominal head of the state to the CM with its strategy.

However, the ruling coalition is not likely to delay the voting further as it is well aware that such a move can attract serious backlash.

Last day, some senior Congress, JD(S) and BSP leaders met to discuss the matter of the trust vote. They, as per a media report, discussed all possibilities in detail.

Interestingly, today, a BJP leader alleges that the ruling coalition has tried to woo the BJP members. Notably, he has declined to name the coalition leaders who have allegedly indulged in the act. He asserts that he will name the leaders at an appropriate time.

When the assembly session has commenced today, both the ruling and the opposition have appeared confident. It is yet to see how the political drama in the state evolves.

Anyway, the common public, it seems, is very unhappy with the developments. A research group claims that the public is angry with all the three political parties involved in the crisis.

Vignesh. S. G
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