July 23, 2024
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Tough battle for Netanyahu in Israel

Israel is in its polling stations today. It is the second time in less than a year the country has called an election. It seems that this time it will not be that easy for the ruling to establish its dominance in the country. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, unlike the last time, faces a tough opposition this time due to his damaged political image. The main opponent of the Israel PM this time is a former military boss, Benny Gantz.

No poll survey report has a favourable report for the ruling. All have only bad news for the ruling regime. Most has agreed to the conclusion that the next government will be a coalition government. If that is the case, the small parties in the country will have more say in the future government.

The underground talks have began in both the ruling and the opposition camps.

The Israel PM faces several corruption charges. If the things progress this way, the ruling may have to accept the demands of the opposition to continue in the seat of power. If that is the case, the opposition’s first demand will be the ouster of the present PM from the seat of power. With Mr Netanyahu in the seat of power, the opposition is less likely to shake the hand of the ruling – even if it is for the sake of the country.

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