September 25, 2022
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‘100 Life Challenge’: Temprorary cessation to Dr. Ajith Ravi’s dream project

Temprorary cessation to Dr. Ajith Ravi’s dream project ‘100 Life Challenge’. Through his Facebook post he revealed this. While many people, including celebrities, have taken up different challenges, he has launched the 100 Life Challenge with the aim of helping 100 needy patients for their treatment, thereby  39 patients come back to life through this challenge. Ajit, an officer at Cochin Airport, spends a portion of his income on charity.

Through the post, he said, “the temporary cessation of the project is due to mental tension caused by the involvement of some external forces. The time has come to end such trends.There is no doubt that any force that can hinder the healing of the sick is a harm to the poor in this society. It is distressing to discourage the implementation of such auxiliary programs in the age of co-existence and compassion.He says that whatever will be the external pressure he will complete the 100 Life Challenge before his death”. Lets pray he restart the project as soon as possible.

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