April 20, 2024
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Opinion: The Politicised Campus

The campuses in India are heavy politicised. At this juncture, what is experienced is the negative side of that politicisation.

In a renowned campus in Delhi, its students fought with each other in the name of politics. Several students were seriously injured.

Sadly, no political party has come forward to deescalate the tension. Instead, many have stepped in to make the situation worse.

The prime interest of political parties is politics. That explains why none has attempted to sort out the crisis.

No politician is going to lose anything from the politicisation of campuses. The case of students is different.

Students should understand this reality.

This does not mean that students should live the life of a book worm. Definitely, education is not just leaning what textbooks share. At the same time, it is also not spreading hate in the name of politics.

What is needed to be understood is the difference between the politics the present political community propagates and the politics the nation needs.

If the student community emerges as the torchbearers of the real politics of peace and harmony, noting can stop the country from marching towards the seat of global leader.

What the world needs now is a global leader who speaks in the language of peace and love. India was once such a nation; it has the potential to march back to its glorious past.

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