December 2, 2022
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I-T searches trigger political turmoil in Karnataka

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The JD(S) and Congress have staged protest in front of the Income Tax office situated in Bangalore, Karnataka, in protest of the alleged misuse of the I-T institution against the opposition for political gains by the BJP. The protest has been launched few hours after the I-T officials conducted raids at many properties connected to the JD(S) and the Congress leaders in and around the opposition strongholds in Karnataka. Most JD(S) and Congress leaders have participated in the protest organised to make it clear that the opposition has forget its differences in this issue. The police have booked many who have tried to enter the I-T building forcefully as a part of their protest. All arrestees have been released shortly after they have been taken into the police custody.

Several senior JD(S) and Congress leaders have unanimously alleged that the raids were politically motivated.

Meanwhile, a senior BJP leader from the state has defended the I-T by saying that the allegation that the raids were politically motivated are baseless. He has informed the media persons that even the properties connected to the BJP leaders were raided by the I-T the day it raided the properties connected to the JD(S) and Congress leaders.

A senior I-T leader has asserted that the raids were conducted after the department received several trustworthy tip-offs. He has not responded on whether the I-T encountered anything significant during the raids.

Interestingly, a few hours before the raids, a senior JD(S) leader forecasted that the properties connected to their leaders might be raided.

The unusual prediction does evoke suspicion on whether the information regarding the raids was leaked to the state rulers prior to the operation.

Though, at present, the JD(S) and Congress act as if they are at the side of gain, they are actually at the side of loss as the smooth flow of finance is very important to ensure the smooth functioning of election network.    


Vignesh. S. G

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