December 8, 2023
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Activist Jean Dreze detained by Jharkhand police

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Renowned Right to Food activist Jean Dreze was arrested by the Jharkhand police officials, as he, along his friends, organised a public meeting without the permission of the local authorities under which the locality in which they conducted the meeting comes.

The arrestees were questioned by the local police on why they organised meeting without the permission of the authorities.

All were released on the day in which they were arrested itself. It was reported that no serious charges were registered against the arrestees.

While speaking to the media persons, immediately after the activist was released, he alleged that he approached the local authorities to seek permission for the meeting, but he was not given a positive response.

It is assumed that as the local authorities declined to give permission to the meeting the activist was forced to organise it without their permission.

Many noted activists came openly in support of the Right to Food activist. Many media organisations criticised the way the situation was handled by the local police.  

Jean Dreze, the Belgian-born economist who gained Indian citizenship at least a decade ago, is the most revered academic live in the country. He is a visiting professor in various universities across the world.   

It is the latest of the mistreatment against popular leftwing intellectuals by the ruling class, which, without much surprise, disagrees with many for which these people stand tirelessly.


Vignesh. S. G

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