August 14, 2022
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Opinion: Kashmir crisis makes US’ Afghan escape difficult

It was when the US was preparing to leave Afghanistan that the latest Kashmir issue emerged. Apart from India and Pakistan, the country, which is worried about the Kashmir development the most, is the US. That concern is not because of its affection towards the Asian countries, but because of its own personal concern. The US is no longer interested in keeping its force in Afghanistan. It no longer feels that there is benefit to invest in that land in the form of military. It considers Pakistan as a way to escape from Afghanistan. It wants Pakistan to cover the security void which is likely to occur in Afghanistan once the US withdraws its force completely from the country. The Kashmir issue was a bad punch to those day dreams of the US. Since the emergence of the latest Kashmir issue, Pakistan’s attention has shifted to the regions close to India from the regions close to Afghanistan. This shift has reflected in the country’s security deployment also. What worries the US at present is this development. It is what that has promoted the US to call up on India and Pakistan to solve the issue through discussions. The US knows very well that Pakistan may not even consider about a change in its security deployment until the present Kashmir tension is lowered. That is clearly against the interest of the US, which is very eager to leave Afghanistan as early as possible. Given that, Pakistan and India are likely to get many calls from the US in the future also. The latest bomb blast in Afghanistan has marked the entrance of a third power centre in the country: the global terrorist. The US knows very well that the longer it takes the difficult it will be to leave the country. Considering that, it will not be a surprise even if the US takes a pro-Pak stand in the issue. That means the present Indian stand that the Kashmir issue is an internal matter is a well-calculated move. And, it is defiantly the best stand that can be taken at this juncture. India has a clear case. It can justify its stand in any court. Actually, it is not necessary to listen to the US’ suggestions, which are rooted in its selfish calculations on Afghanistan. The best thing India can do at this moment is to convince its own people of Jammu and Kashmir about the circumstance which led the country to adopt the controversial bills regarding the state. Our people will definitely understand it and will definitely stand with the country in this difficult time.

Vignesh. S. G
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