June 22, 2024
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I-T officials reveal the depth of “Gutkha Scam”; two more IPS officials’ involvement suspected


The Income Tax department has revealed the real depth of the “Gutkha Scam” by exposing the involvement of more IPS officials in the infamous scam.

The book of accounts recovered by the I-T department is what has helped them to expose the involvement of more high rank police officials in the crime.

The Gutkha Scam is one of the most sensational high profile scams which have jolted the Indian state of Tamil Nadu in the recent history.

It has been identified that those who perpetrated the scam gained over one hundred crore as profit from it, and paid at least thirty nine crore rupees as the bribe to the various government officials, including the police officials.

At present, at least two DGP rank police officials are presently facing the investigation of the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption bureau, in this corruption case.

The news regarding the new development in the scam has been publicised by a national newspaper; as per the report published in that newspaper, the newspaper has obtained all the new documents presented to the concerned by the I-T department in relation with the case.

The case is now travelling through an uncertain track, and, at this moment, it is not clear where is it heading to.


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