February 24, 2024
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I-T dept detects unaccounted money after raids on congress leaders

In one of the boldest raids carried out by the Income Tax officials against the elites of the society post demonetisation, the authorities have detected undisclosed income or unevaluated asset worth over hundred crores after raids on the congress leaders, Ramesh L Jarkiholi and Laxmi R Hebbalkar. According to the national media report, the unexplained income worth over Rs. 160 crores has been discovered during the raid. Interestingly, Jarkiholi is the minister of Small Scale Industries of the state of Karnataka and Hebbalkar is the president of Karnataka Mahila congress- the women’s wing of congress party of the state. Even though both leaders are not available at the moment to give a comment on the incident, a source close to the congress party claims that the BJP government is carrying out vendetta politics by framing false cases and raids in the pretext of the anti-black money campaign. Meanwhile, the investigative officials have informed that several suspicious money transactions, benami transactions, benami shareholders and benami money deposits have been tracked down.  It is said that the authorities have summoned numerous persons in connection with this illegal transactions and assets. A source close to the investigative team has informed the national media that a detailed investigation is on. As per the report, the initial raid in connection with the incident was originally carried out on January 19 in a sugar factory, run by the persons close to the congress leaders, in order to probe the identified irregularities in the transactions of the company. Earlier, there were allegations that the demonetisation had not affected elite class particularly political elites as most of them owned benami asserts or parked illicitly-owned money in foreign safe heavens.


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