November 29, 2022
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I Saw Death When I Was 5 Months Pregnant; Diya Mirza Sharing Her Experience

Dia Mirza is a Bollywood actress who talks about her life after becoming a mother and the changes that motherhood has brought about. In a New Year’s note, Diya shared her joy at being a mother, her motherhood, and the hard times she went through.

Now Diya is talking about the crisis she went through during her pregnancy and her return from death. The actor said this in an interview. ‘In the fifth month I had to go through appendicitis surgery. I was constantly coming and going to the hospital due to a bacterial infection. At six months of age, the baby had to be removed due to bleeding. Thanks to the gynecologist for saving me and the baby’s life ‘- Diya’s words.

In a New Year’s note, Diya shared about the birth of her premature baby. ‘Thanks for 2021, for making me a mom. It was a year full of incredible joys. And the experience of coming back to the brink of death, the birth of a baby before it is fully grown, and then some trials. But I learned a lot. The biggest lesson is that hard times do not last long. Be grateful. Enjoy every day ‘- Diya wrote on Instagram.

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