July 12, 2024
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In style in the Corporate Environment

In style in the Corporate EnvironmentWhen it comes to the corporate environment, the look that employees usually have to sport is not always the most comfortable to all, but it is something which comes with the title of the job. In an office environment it can be all fun and play during the downtimes depending on who and how chill your boss is, or it may be this rigid uncomfortable set of stage where you have to work like a robot 24/7. The atmosphere of the fun and play or the rigid and uncomfortable will eventually determine as to whether it is a place where you have to look spick and tip top or just at ease in your own relaxed little style of dressing. And when it comes to always sporting the formal wear, with the usual tie, shirt, suit, it isn’t always the most agreeable with all of the employees, even the bosses may feel the same.

And see when you carry on the corporate look most employees and bosses lack one thing in the way in which they dress or even the minor little things in their outfit which can be related to the way their hair is set, or for ladies even the way their nails are done, or the shoes which men and women wear and that is creativity. Yes, it is not arguable that corporate dressing should portray the person to be serious and hardworking at times, but just think are you ever comfortable and fashion friendly? Just because you are working in an office environment does not give you the right to kill off the latest fashion trends nor does it give you the right to make yourself uncomfortable, or sport just any accessories which makes you look too careless about you take care of yourself.

Whenever you dress add a bit of yourself into your look. What do I mean? Add something or dress in a way which shows your individuality as well as blending in with your work place. Dress yourself in such a way that leaves a lasting first impression on your boss so much that each time he or she sees you, they ask, “how do find so much time to look so smart, and so stylish?” And keep one thing in mind , when it comes to dressing slick and stylish, it isn’t a matter of thinking like you used to do for your finals in college, it’s just a matter of knowing what is style, what is good, and what is pleasing to the eye. Just don’t always sport the same color in your wardrobe repeatedly is something which you have to keep an eye for example ever since the “pink for men” came into style, many men at times tend to keep different shades of pink shirts in their closet. Don’t get me wrong, pink looks very charming on a guy, but don’t get so carried away with it, but if pink or any other color for that matter just happens to be a favorite of yours there’s no harm in keeping at least two shirts, but with a different style being that it be in the design usually, otherwise it looks like you are wearing the same shirt always.

This rule is something which applies not only when it comes to color but also when it comes to dress pants, shirt designs, even shoes or belt, or suits. Don’t always be monotonous when it comes to style by sticking with a narrow set of preferences only. Learn to be more expressive and open minded, because that is the only way that you’ll be sure enough to get noted. Be bold and daring when it comes to colors. But don’t go so overboard that you choose to wear a color which can be so displeasing to the eye, that your coworkers cannot even look at you because your shirt is so bright that you can be spotted about 4 miles away. It’s painful to the eyes so go easy on the variety of colors all the while being bold or daring. So how does this work? Don’t choose a bright pista green shirt if your complexion is very dark and wear that thinking you’ll look hot because the matter of fact is you won’t, you’ll look like someone just vomited all over you and in a desperate need of a wardrobe raid from the fashion police. The same goes for colors such as bright blue. You’ll look brighter than the skies if you wear a blue which is unbearably making you stand out in a crowd of hundreds. Choose colors which is similar to that of a soft green, soft yellow, soft blue. Always remember soft colors even if they are bright. When it comes to the dictionary of colors the term “soft” means a color which does not prick the eyes.  And one more thing ladies and gentlemen avoid the shiny shirts please because you’re not going to some disco when you’re going to office, and you’re not the guy who’s trying to stop the bulls at some running of the bulls event in Spain. Honestly minus that little piece of item from your closet once and for all.

Nowadays thereis another little thing which most ladies and even men think is something which is very hot and in style, and that is bringing that shirt button a little too low for comfort especially while you’re in office. Ladies I need not mention that it isn’t style, and men seriously no one wants to see your chest when you are in office so make sure that you button up all those button on your t-shirts even if it makes you uncomfortable, it’s an office environment, not some fashion ramp where your showing off your chest and competing with other men in the office to see who has more hair on their chest. And as you button up your shirt all the way to a level at least which is professional looking meaning don’t go overboard and lock up the top collar too, you won’t even be able to breathe, think of the tie. This is applicable to even ladies. Ties can make you look hot and stylish as long as you know how to sport it and what kind to sport. Be expressive with your ties. It’s as simple as that. Then when it comes down to dress skirts and dress pants, make certain the pants aren’t too tight or the skirt way too short for comfort.  It won’t be so becoming of a lady if she wears a skirt which is way too short for the office, make sure it’s sweet and short down to the knees. The rule is to always stay safe by wearing skirts which come down to knee length. With pants for men, make sure the cut at the bottom is not too much of a bell bottom or too tight like a pencil pant nor that much of a high water pants.

If it just so happens though that you are lucky enough to be working in a corporate office where they have the casual Fridays, then you’ll be at ease with just sporting the polo shirts with your dress pants. One thing that does have to be stated is do not wear sneakers with those even on casual Fridays. In the end when it comes to fashion in the corporate world, though not every employee or boss is up to wearing the corporate look, some offices are very strict because they think that a certain style of dressing should be maintained in a corporate environment whereas some offices just let things pass unless there are important meetings with clients or the board.  But either way all you have to keep in memory is that never to forget to show your sense of individuality so that you make yourself unforgettable as the gentleman or lady who dressed impeccably neat yet so stylish that an emergency raid of your wardrobe was unnecessary. It’ll win your boss over with a first turn of the head, and even your clients. Not only that when you dress in comfort, style and in set with the office rules, you will be able to carry your head high.

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