March 1, 2024
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HSBC plans to windup business in India ….

Putting thousands of clients and employees in jeopardy, the largest privet finance dealer, HSBC, is planning to give up all privet banking units in India. The Bank had not revealed the actual reason to drop the Asian third-largest economy; the financial experts say that even though our economy is growing the bank had failed to establish a proper client backup. While answering the media queries, a HSBC official clarifies that this is just a strategical decision of the bank. He further added that, it is a part of companies’ global strategy. Eyeing at the Indian stable economic growth graph, many foreign financial conglomerates had rushed to the country for a durable business. But, their efforts and hopes went in vein, eventually companies had to leave the country with a lost hope. Earlier, privet banking tycoons, like Royal Bank and Morgan Stanley, had sold all the shares in Indian market. Followed by that incident, a dark shadow wrapped the banking sector; particularly foreign privet banking giants. Meanwhile, it seems the HSBC Premier would take over all the clients of HSBC privet banking. The HSBC spokesperson had given a small indication about the possibility. If it is so, the process will be completed before the next fiscal. The uncertainty rolls around employers has generated ample space for various speculations. The company has not yet delivered a word for the employers. Media reported that; even though the bank has over 30,000 staffs, only 70 staffs will be directly affected by the current job crisis.


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