April 16, 2024

How to take care of long hair


A long hair is very difficult to maintain. It is a matter of both patience and luck because the infrastructural changes imply that that luck might run out if we are not vigilant enough. But, we could use methods to maintain hair during intense pollution and hot summer days. 


Here are some of the tips. 

Use a clean brush 

This is a simple, yet an important method. Do not share the brush you are using. Even if you do, make sure that you clean them. Just wipe your brush with a cotton piece or towel before combing your hair. 

Comb your semi-dry hair until all locks and knots are removed. Then, when it becomes fully dry, it will be easier to comb and the chances for hair loss will be less. 

Also, make sure that you use the right hair brush for the type of hair you have, from straight, curled, dry, oily etc. 

Shampoo your hair every three days

You need not shampoo your hair every day as shampoo strips the vital oils away. Just make sure that it hydrated and remove the dirt as often as possible. You may use natural products instead of a shampoo. 


Tie your hair into a braid when it is fully dry. It is the best way in which you could avoid hair locks. If you don’t your hair to curl then tie the end of your hair. Try to avoid ironing as the heat might affect your hair growth. 

Use hair bands that do not create locks at the end. Avoid rubber bands. 


Trim the end of your hair to remove splits from time to time. If you want a major haircut then go for it. 

Cover your hair

Use your shawl or scarf to cover your hair to avoid the settling of dust and to avoid the UV rays, as the radiation could affect the hair growth. If you are riding a bike then cover your hair and wear a scarf below the helmet. 

Use these methods. They will help make your day.

Dr. Elizabath Chacko

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