September 17, 2021
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Healthy baby boy born to 24-year-old coronavirus patient in Tirupati

A 24-year-old lady who has been fighting the novel coronavirus, gave birth to a healthy baby boy at Government Maternity Hospital (GMH) in Tirupati late on Tuesday. The mother from Tirupati town, had tested positive for the infection in the nine-month of pregnancy, and was admitted to a Covid-19 clinic at sometime ago.

As per the hospital authorities, the lady, who was brought to the medical clinic toward the beginning of the day, had a cesarean delivery, and became the first lady to give birth while at the same time experiencing treatment for the infection. The clinic specialists had downplayed the quantity of careful staff and prepared them to work utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE). The staff took extra consideration to guarantee that there was no contact between the mother and the child.

Immediately after the successful operation, another group from the medical clinic’s pediatrics ward moved the infant to an exceptional disconnection unit. The group of health workers, including two specialists and a anaesthesia specialist, who helped the specialists during the delivery were additionally isolated according to the convention, sources said. The infant will be checked for the infection on his third and eighth day, and is being taken care of by her mom, the authorities included.

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