September 26, 2022
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A ray of hope to few by this 11 year old – Muhammad Ali

The Covid 19 pandemic is spreading all over, the number of positive cases is rapidly increasing day by day but online classes started from June 1st. All students are busy in attending classes but we heard a case of a student named Devika who suicided for not having a facility to attend online class.

Muhammad Ali, a student of Delta Study in Fort Kochi, is now the talk of the town who has set a challenge for the public. Muhammad Ali on his 11th birthday wanted a play-station as a gift and his father promised to give one and began setting money aside for his brand-new state-of-the-art gaming system.

But it was then the world was infected with a deadly virus, school reopened and started online classes. Ali had a thought that he is so lucky to have all facilities to attend online class but there are many who doesn’t have any provisions to attend the class. Thus Ali planned to set aside his dream of play-station and bought three TVs and one tablet for students which would help the students to attend the classes with ease.

He handed over two TVs and one tablet to Hibi Eden, Ernakulam Member of Parliament and the remaining one TV to Mr N K M Shareef, Secretary of Maulana Azad Socio-Cultural Centre to be used in the library to teach several students at a time. Muhammad Ali is the elder son of Mr Ansif Ashraf and Mrs Ramzeen Ansif. He lives in Kochi with his parents and younger brother Muhammad Ibrahim.

If a 11 year boy could do such a great deed for others by knowing their difficulty why can’t we. Lets build our coming generation with good thoughts and deeds and give birth to many other Muhammad Ali’s in our society.

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